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Brand Story Founder MR YOONG

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创办人熊庆昌先生 2000年,再创辉煌, 推出 HOETOWN 禾家味 品牌曲奇饼干,蛋卷,榴莲酥


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HOE HUP PROCESSING SDN BHD 获得了由政府部门承认与支持的消费人认证品牌大奖

光华日报 报道

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1976年,出生于著名旅游胜地马六甲的熊庆昌白手起家,以常人无法想象的努力、原始质朴的诚心情怀以及果断决策的魄力,在40余年间一步一脚印地将《禾合食品生产有限公司》(Hoe Hup Processing Sdn Bhd)打造成为了如今拥有过百员工规模的著名食品企业。

Our Brands

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Generally our products can be divided into seven board categories, namely Seafood Snack, Dried Fruit, Puff Food, Wafer, Cookies, Potato Snack and Salted Egg Yolk Snack Products. Our Salted Egg Yolk Snack Products commercially strong and generating the required sales and profit both locally and oversea. Its brand name is called O-Li. In addition, we have other product names called Hoe Hup, U-Mi Rasa Kampung, Hoetown and 禾合. Itself are currently well-known brand name in Malaysia.

New Factory

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As we produce more diversified products, our business has been continuously expanding. In order to meet our customer's demand and our stringent requirement for product quality, we built a new factory in 2020.

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